Live-Course Details & Syllabus

How is the live course different from self-guided study?

The self-guided membership allows you to access information on your own schedule and in the order that follows the flow of your personal interests. The live courses facilitated by Dawn are geared toward individuals who want to teach Imetics in their own client communities and guidance-related careers, and who can commit to the weekly work and participation needed to fully benefit from this focused six-month group experience.

The live course follows the syllabus below, which provides:

  • A clear layering of concepts in an order that creates a comprehensive understanding of the foundational elements of Imetics methodology
  • An introduction to the basic Imetics maps that unfolds from simple into more complex structures, and supports the ability to more easily employ them as navigational tools during personal and client processes
  • Regular integration periods, which are important in being able to more fully absorb the depth of information presented within each chapter.

The live course includes seven months of basic course membership, as well as:

  • Weekly meetings with Dawn and your unique group of coursemates, following the six-month program syllabus. (Group size is limited to 25 participants so that we can all see each other on one Zoom screen and bond together as a support community)
  • Your group's designated alumni Course Guide
  • A group Home page for connecting with your coursemates and sharing group-specific materials
  • Optional study groups and text-group conversations
  • Optional listing as a Course Guide in the Community Marketplace upon completion of the live course
  • Six monthly membership payments of $300* (or a single pre-payment of $1750*)
    *Financial aid rates for all MoA memberships are always available. Simply let us know what support you need on your enrollment form.

Each of the six months follows a four-week pattern:

  • Week 1: Monthly Question (Concept 1) & Concept 2
  • Week 2: Concepts 3 & 4
  • Week 3: Maps 1 & 2
  • Week 4: Review & Integration

Month 1

  • Week 1: Concepts: What is Identity? & Awareness
  • Week 2: Concepts: Consciousness & Presence
  • Week 3: Maps: Circle & Yin Yang 
  • Week 4: Review & Integration

Month 2

  • Week 1: Concepts: What is Essential Knowledge? & Creation
  • Week 2: Concepts: Ego & Relational Learning
  • Week 3: Maps: Relational Wheel  & Event Interpretation
  • Week 4: Review & Integration

Month 3

  • Week 1: Concepts: What is Essential Task? & Meaning Making
  • Week 2: Concepts: Desire & Bonding
  • Week 3: Maps: Meaning Making Wheel &  It I You We Wheel
  • Week 4: Review & Integration

Month 4

  • Week 1: Concepts: What is Essential Belonging? & Enchantment
  • Week 2: Concepts: Specialness & Mindful Relations
  • Week 3: Maps: Beginner’s Mind & Trauma into Healing
  • Week 4: Review & Integration

Month 5

  • Week 1: Concepts: What is Essential freedom? & Imagination
  • Week 2: Concepts: Alienation & Wholeness
  • Week 3: Maps: Father Mother Archetypes & Adapted Needs
  • Week 4: Review & Integration

Month 6

  • Week 1: Concepts: What is Integration? & Boundaries
  • Week 2: Concepts: Projection & Compassion
  • Week 3: Maps: Breaking Patterns & Manifesting
  • Week 4: Review & Integration