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"This moment is calling for us to really lead from the heart."
- Armand Bytton

Current Covid Articles

Is COVID-19 here to stay? A team of biologists explains what it means for a virus to become endemic
-- What we know about the symptoms, and the severity, of the omicron variant   
Additional Omicron variant news

Rapid tests play a crucial role in curbing COVID-19 infections 
When to test, what kind to use and what your results mean
-- Which Covid Test Should I Get? When Should I Test? What If I Can’t Find One? 
What’s the difference between a PCR and antigen COVID-19 test? A molecular biologist explains 

Understanding how much protection a vaccine offers is not as simple as it sounds.   

With omicron, you need a mask that means business
-- Counterfeit respirators
-- Reliable sources
-- Face masks really do matter
-- 5 hacks to make your mask more protective

Disinfecting Objects and Spaces

-- CDC guidelines
-- Hand-washing is better than sanitizer
-- Sanitizing spaces: Overview of spraying options
-- Sanitizing spaces: Electrostatic spraying
-- Sanitizing spaces: UV light


Businesses Loans & Support

-- Small Business Association (US): Guidance and Loan Resources
-- ​Chamber of Commerce (US): Coronavirus Small Business Guide
-- Venable.com (US): Covid-19 Resources
-- Nonprofit Finance Fund (US): Covid-19 Tools and Resources
-- Many towns and cities are offering additional advice for residents. Google "[Your town/city/state] business support during corona / Covid-19]"

CANADA: Resources for Businesses and Support for Entrepreneurs 

ISRAELWork and Business

SOUTH AFRICA: Debt Relief Fund

UNITED KINGDOM: Department of Business 

Health Insurance

Special enrollment period in most US states:
Because of COVID-19, you can now apply outside of standard enrollment periods if you are uninsured and eligible. You can also apply if you didn’t know about state penalties for being uninsured or about new financial help that is available. Medi-Cal enrollment continues to be year-round. 

-- All US states: HealthCare.gov
California: California Covered
Colorado: Connect for Health
New York: NY State Health Department
Or Google "special enrollment period [your state] health insurance"

Immune & Emotional Support

From Armand & MoA
    Letter to the community

Immune Support

    -- Supplements to support your immune system*
    -- Supplements to support your emotional health*
      *For current discount codes open to our community and beyond, contact us.

Emotional Support

     -- To be connected to Armand's groups, events, or facilitators in your area, contact us.
     -- Tackling 2022 with Hope

From the Community

MoA Community Marketplace
Take advantage of all of the health and wellness services and goods created by our community members, direct from the source.

Member Platforms
And explore additional information and services beyond our community through these member-created platforms:
-- Inaura.com
-- FindCenter.com

Safer Online Meetings

Check out our group plan for Zoom. We negotiated with them to make HIPAA-compliant accounts available to everyone -- with no contractual obligations for you!

Moments of Awe & Beauty

Random Acts of Kindness:
-- Call your local hospitals and first responder centers and ask if there's anything supportive you could drop off for their staff.
-- Tape a love-filled note on your front door thanking delivery people and your postman/woman for the work they are doing.

-- Ama Dancing Underwater 
-- Amazon Jungle Sounds

-- Eagle Song
-- Blooming Flowers

Joy & Laugther
-- An Introduction to Joy by Rob Bell
-- My Corona Song
-- Horse Race
-- Washing Dilemma 
-- Dog joy

-- Charles Eisenstein: Corona

-- Kitty O'Meara 
-- Listen

-- Courage 
-- This is the Time to Be Slow